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Trip to New York LALIGA Master in Global Sports Marketing

April 04, 2023, Madrid

The students of the LALIGA Master in Global Sports Marketing were able to enjoy a week in New York where they visited some of the largest sports entities in the world.

The Master in Global Sports Marketing aims to make students aware of the operation of the sports Industry globally and internationally from all points of view: Properties, Clubs, Agencies, Broadcasters, Events, and the Media, among others. Through the master's programs, students learn about the strategies that LaLiga and the best companies in the Sports and Entertainment Industry are taking globally and, in the world today.

The students recently visited New York City where they were able to meet different companies, clubs and organizations that lead the sports and entertainment industry.

The students arrived in New York on March 27 and began their visits with an attractive talk presented by Mathew Kontos (Head of Global Properties) from Relevent Sports Group, where he discussed topics related to the company's purpose and strategic plan, as well as the Joint Venture with LaLiga NA. After this the students went to their next presentation where Emily Horowitz (Vice President) of ESPN gave the students a lecture focused on ESPN and LaLiga. Finally, the students visited Madison Square Garden where they learned about the facilities through a guided tour.

During the second day of the trip, the students made two important visits where they were able to broaden their vision and knowledge of the sports industry. The first one was at LaLiga North America where Patrick Lowe (Head of Partnerships) gave a talk that first focused on the general vision of LaLiga NA and then on partnerships. The second visit of the day took place at Dapper Labs where Jorge Urrutia (General Manager) shared with the students’ information about the current and future role of NFTs in the world of sports.

The third day of visits and presentations began at the New York City FC offices where Taylor White (Office Manager) gave the students a talk focused on the actions and marketing management of the City Group brand; ticketing and sales. The second visit of the day was to the NBA where Hector Arguelles (Vice President Digital Partnership) was in charge of exposing the students about strategic alliances and partnerships in the NBA. The day closed with a flourish as the students had the opportunity to attend an official NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Houston Rockets at Barclays Stadium, where they also enjoyed the "VIP Experience".

During the fourth and last day of visits, the students visited the Verizon offices where they received a presentation by Richard Sheer (Office Manager) and then visited the Major League Soccer corporate where Chris Lebo (Competition) chatted with them. The day concluded with a visit to MetLife Stadium, where Matt Dugan (Director Partnership Marketing) gave a talk to the students about the management and events of the sports venue in addition to a guided tour of the facilities.

The trip ended on Friday the 31st where the students were able to enjoy some free time to visit the city from a tourist point of view and then go to the airport to Madrid.

LaLiga Business School would like to thank all the speakers, clubs, companies, and organizations for helping us provide the best service to our students and thus be able to continue training the professionals of tomorrow.

See you soon!