LaLiga Business School

En LaLiga sabemos que los partidos no solo se juegan en el campo. Un gran equipo debe contar con grandes gestores, analistas, expertos legales...

Por eso hemos creado Business School, para que te formes con los mejores profesionales y tú también puedas vivir desde dentro la pasión de la mejor liga del mundo.

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Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis

This is the first postgraduate course that deals with the complexity of football from a multidisciplinary and transversal perspective. This higher education programme reflects the knowledge, experience and know-how of LaLiga's best professionals.

Master in Sports Law Applied to Professional Football

This Masters Programme offers students the opportunity to obtain the necessary legal training to face, with maximum guarantees, the different challenges of the current and future legal framework, putting at their disposal the necessary knowledge and training tools to enable them to operate in this market.

Master in Global Sports Marketing

This master degree is structured in 8 modules, that will allow students to internalize all the key knowledge that in turn will give them a sufficiently broad and accurate vision of the sports sector, to be able to address all of their great and deep challenges with determination.


  • Asistencia a la Final de eLaLiga Santander
  • Formación directa por los profesionales de LaLiga y de los principales actores nacionales
  • Curso de un fin de semana intensivo
  • 12 Prácticas Remuneradas en LaLiga y en sus Clubes
  • Formación directa por los profesionales de LaLiga
  • Titulación Experto Universitario
  • Impartido por LaLiga y Motorpress Ibérica
  • Asistencia a un Partido de LaLiga (con el Director de Partidos)
  • Asistencia a la Carrera de la Mujer


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Unai Emery - Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis
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Visiting South Spain - Master in Global Sports Marketing
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