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Take control of your future outside the pitch

The Global Players Program is an educational program aimed exclusively at players of the 42 clubs that are part of LaLiga, with the objective of providing them with the necessary tools to enable them to develop professionally in the football industry or elsewhere, both during and at the end of their sports career.

These tools will be shared by an educational offer which adapts to the times and needs of the player.

Format: Streaming y Presencial

Date: Febrero – Junio 2023

Certificate issued by: LaLiga Business School

Adaptability and counseling


Program taught in different formats (in-person and streaming) to allow the player to adapt his academic schedule to trainings and matches.


Adaptability of the academic calendar (season and pre-season) possible thanks to classes being recorded and assessments being adapted to the player’s schedule.


Personalized tutoring: personalized attention for the student from a group of tutors/professors for the whole duration of the program.


Career counseling: advising the player in which direction to focus his professional development at the end of his sports career.

Highlights 1ª edición

Personal development and introduction to the sports and entertainment industry

Content of the program

01 Streaming Format

8 webinars centrados en el conocimiento de su entorno de trabajo (con el objetivo de familiarizarle con los principales ejes de desarrollo de la industria del deporte)

  • Introducción a la Industria del Deporte
  • Derechos Audiovisuales: calendario, producción...
  • Marketing y Marca (visión de un club)
  • Estrategia Digital y Nuevas Tecnologías
  • Dirección General de un Club
  • Compraventa de Clubes
  • Aspectos Legales: contratos, transferencias
  • Dirección estratégica y emprendimiento

Webinars will be held on weekdays, on matchless days, and at a time that does not coincide with training sessions.

02 In-person format

Masterclass week for football players

Location: LaLiga
Date: Final de temporada (Junio 2023)
Duration: 3 días

Enrolment Process

Contacting the Admissions Department

Players (or their representatives) can request more information or start the admission process by filling in the form in the corresponding section of the Players App

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Personal interview with LaLiga Business School
Analysis and internal study of the process
Confirmation of acceptance in the program