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MBA of LaLiga

International MBA in Sports and Entertainment Management

Develop your management skills to drive transformation and thrive in increasingly complex industries.

Schedule: Fridays: 16:00h-21:00h
Saturdays: 09:00h-15:00h
Modality: On Campus
Start: November, 2021
Duration of course: 9 months
Language of Instruction: English
Campus: LaLiga Headquarters, Madrid
Certified by:




Extraordinary era of transformation in Sports and Entertainment Industry


20 students


2 MBA Directors

6 Module Directors


USA: NEW YORK – MIAMI (10 days)
Immersion trip into the US Sports and Entertainment Industry

QATAR : DOHA (6 days)
Immersion trip into the 2022 World Cup Venue

Immersion into the New Trends of Sports Industry

  • LaLiga and its 42 teams
  • Learning from Successes and Failures
  • Evaluation: only real case studies (6)


The Sports and Entertainment Industry is undergoing rapid changes, and technology is creating significant opportunities for growth. The Sports and Entertainment Industry has an exponential development potential. The great engines of this development will be Digital Transformation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship both outside and within the institutions.

Beginning the transformation journey requires a deep understanding of current assets and challenges, as well a vision for the future that will determine how sports and entertainment organizations create innovative and customized experiences for their fans and capture viewership across multiple devices.

Do you share this vision? Do you want to create innovative and customized experiences and prepare yourself to be leaders of change in this new era of Sports and Entertainment Industry?

What is it like to pursue an MBA at LaLiga?

  • LaLiga has established itself as a benchmark in delivering innovative concepts and creating new trends while comprehensively managing prestigious sports competitions on a global scale.
  • LaLiga Business School is LaLiga's Educational Department. The MBA degree is designed to bring you only the best resources from two of the most dynamic and competitive industries, Sports and Entertainment, and present them in a practical environment to supplement your learning.
  • The “MBA of LaLiga” is a pioneering Global MBA. It is the first MBA designed with a specific focus to unite, Sports and Entertainment, as a Global Business.
  • Student Profile: our MBA students are the future leaders of the Sports and Entertainment Industry. Our candidates are ambitious professionals, aspiring to lead change and driven to inspire an impactful positive culture.
  • LaLiga Alumni have the advantage of the value of a life-long professional network. We support our students during and after their experience with LaLiga Business School.
  • Our commitment to quality is reflected in our policy to limit the number of available seats for our highly sought after LaLiga MBA program.


The President

Javier Tebas

President - LaLiga

Javier Tebas embodies the MBA philosophy: A thorough professional, he has been instrumental in resolving the financial problems of Spanish Football, thanks to the implementation of Economic Control and the Collective Selling of Television Rights.

In the past two years, Javier Tebas, has implemented Technology Models based on Big Data, as Pillars of the Organization. He continuously strives to be at the forefront of new technology and to create new business assets.

The Directors

Óscar Mayo

“Business, Marketing & International Development Director”

Executive MBA at IEDE Business School

He has developed his professional career in Marketing and Business Development in the Sports, Fitness and Educational Industry. He occupied the position of Sports Center Director at BeOne and Manager for Spain and Portugal at Gympass.

Between 2012 and 2016 he was named Head of Marketing at Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid | Universidad Europea

In 2017 he joined LaLiga as Executive Agent in the Chairman’s Office and within a few months he was promoted to Business, Marketing & International Development Director.

Edouard Legendre

External consultant at LaLiga and recognized international expert in Brand Management and Sports Marketing

He started his career in Formula One in 1997, evolving from commercial to Marketing positions.

In 2007 he joined the WPP Group in Madrid to create the Ogilvy Sponsorship Department to guide and support global brands in the design and implementation of their international strategies in Sports (Ford, Telefónica, Santander, Heineken among others).

Since 2013, he has developed his scope of work with Brand Management and Strategic Planning responsibilities, within the WPP Group, and outside with Project Management and consultancy work for leading institutions such as The City Council of Madrid and LaLiga.

The Module Directors

Patricia Rodriguez (Module nº 1)
“Board Member - Granada CF”

Patricia began her professional career in 2011 at PwC. She started her career in the Sports Industry in 2014 for SD Eibar. In 2016 she was named Executive Managing Director (first woman in a executive position in a Football Club in Spain).

She was named CEO at Elche CF SAD in 2019 and LaLiga Vice President in 2020. In 2021 she moved to Granada C.F.

Jorge de la Vega (Module nº 2)
“Commercial and Marketing Director – LaLiga”

After having worked for 12 years at Real Madrid, Jorge joined LaLiga from May 2020 as the Marketing and Commercial Director.

He started his career at Real Madrid C.F. in 2007 as a Sponsorship Executive, he was soon named Head of National Sales and from 2016 onwards as Head of Partnerships Activation.

Jaume Pons (Module nº 3)
“Head of Digital Content at LaLiga”

Jaume began his professional career at FC Barcelona as a Community Manager in 2010.

In 2016, he continued his development in the Sports Industry at the Olympic Channel (the IOC’s Multiplatform Global media Destination), as a Social Media Content Manager.

He started working for LaLiga since 2017 and is currently the Head of Digital Content.

Maria Wandosell (Module nº 4)
“CEO at Motorpress Ibérica”

Started her professional career in the world of Sailing Sports as Managing Director of the Olimpic Sails Racing Club and as Editor for Regata magazine in 1997. She was named Chief Editor at the “Navegar” magazine in 2000.

She has been working for “Motorpress Ibérica” as a specialised journalist since 2006.

In 2012 she became General Director for Motor Sports at “Motorpess Ibérica” and CEO in 2013.

Ornella Bellia (Module nº 5)
“Head of Professional Football at FIFA”

Ornella has a legal background and international experience within the Global Sports Industry. Also, expertise in Football Clubs (Calcio Catania – Italy), and in leading law firms (Pinto Ruiz & Del Valle, Bichara e Motta and Giambrone Law).

She was the Judge of the FIFA Players' Status Sub-Committee at FIFA from 2017 to 2019, and Head of Legal Affairs at European Leagues from 2015 to 2019.

In 2019 she was named Head of Professional Football at FIFA.

José Moya (Module nº 6)
“LaLiga Business School Director – LaLiga”

Has been working at some LaLiga Clubs; Managing Director of Elche C.F. during three seasons (2006/2007- 2007/08 – 2008/09), and Marketing & Communication Director of U.D. Salamanca in the season (2009/10).

From 2010 until 2012 he continued his professional career as Marketing Director at the Tennis Federation of Madrid. Since 2012 has been developing his career in different sports organizatios such La Manga Club as Sports Department Manager, Euroleague as a Official Delegate and get involved in the organization of different sports events like Eroica Hispania and Mongolia Bike Challenge.

In October 2017 he joined LaLiga as Director of LaLiga Business School.


Programme and Structure


Effective and Efficient Leadership

General Management: Strategic Management – Financial Management – Legal Management – Planning and Control – Human Resources

Sports Industry Environment: Economic Analysis – Sports Environment – New Dimensions and Key Trends


Customer Experience Driven

Traditional Marketing: Strategic and Operational – Brand Management – Marketing Mix – Marketing Plan – Communication Plan – Market Research

New Marketing: The Empathy Economy – Brand Activation – Shopper Marketing – Relationship Marketing – Experiential Marketing – Digital Marketing – Purpose Marketing

Sports Marketing: Sponsorship – Strategic Alliances – Brand Activation in Sports


Capitalizing on the New Dimensions of the Sports and Entertainment Industry

Digital Transformation: Digital Economy - Business Management Models – New Management Skills – Web services applied to Sports Entities – eCommerce

New Digital Technologies: Cloud - Blockchain – Analytics - Artificial Intelligence - Robotics

Digital Strategy in Sports: Big Data – Harnessing the Fan

Competitive Gaming and eSports


The Power of On-brand Content

The Media: Media Environment – Media Plan – Public Relations – Audiovisual Rights

Content: The Entertainment Industry – Business Models – Audience – Platforms – Creation – Production – Exploitation in the Digital Age – Distribution – Monetization


Planning Optimization for Legacy

Sports Governance

Sport Facilities: Venue Management – Operation – Technology and Security – Sustainability

Sporting Events: Design – Production – Funding

Sporting Mega-events: Sites and Hosting – Strategic Planning – Organization – Globalization – Urban Planning and City Marketing – Economic Impact – Long-term Legacy


Inspired and Inspiring Leadership

Innovation: Innovation in Times of Transformation – Innovation in the Sports and Entertainment Industries – Generation of Ideas – Building Innovation Systems – Innovation Hubs

Project Management: Methodologies – Tools – Complexity Mapping – Convergence Plan – Organizational Design – Business Plan – Risk Management – Monitoring and Controlling

360º Case Studies

In-house case studies about:

  1. LaLiga as a leading entity of transformation in the Football Industry.
  2. The 42 LaLiga teams (42 contexts, territories and models, differentiated and complementary).

Collaboration with other organisations closely related to the sports and entertainment sector, with the objective of integrating external case studies with football.

Our campus

Classes will be held at LaLiga headquarters, the place where the most important decisions about Spanish football are made.

Our students will have cccess to networking with LaLiga professionals.

LaLiga Immersive Experience

  • Our students will enjoy a unique experience by gaining first-hand knowledge from LaLiga and its Clubs/ Public Limited Sports Companies.
  • Visits to the Football Clubs of LaLiga where Clubs/Public Limited Sports Companies’ professionals will share their know-how with our students.
  • In the course of the Master’s programme, our students will try to solve real cases related to the activities developed by LaLiga and/or its Clubs/ Public Limited Sports Companies’ activities.
  • Academic staff composed of professionals of sports industry and employees of LaLiga with a great experience and teaching skills.
  • Our students will have access to exclusive contents of LaLiga.
  • The Master’s programme is designed, coordinated and directed by the LaLiga professionals.

“MBA of LaLiga” Admission

Step 1
Contact the Admissions Department
Step 2
Send your updated CV and Motivation Letter
Step 3
1st interview with LaLiga Business School
Step 4
2nd interview with a recruitment specialist company
Step 5
Analysis and internal review of the process


  • Our ideal student has a minimum of 5 years of experience and covers a position of command or coordination of projects and teams.
  • Level C1 of English

Required Documentation

  • Updated Curriculum Vitae.
  • Two photocopies of the university degree (front and back): present the copies and the original for verification at LaLiga Business School, or send a certified copy by post.
  • Academic certification: university degree (front and back), other certifications associated with the content of the program.

Funding Options

LaLiga Business School has an agreement with Santander Universidades (Banco Santander Group, LaLiga Title Sponsor) through which our students can be selected for Funding and Loan Options.

For more information:

  • Banco Santander Office - C/Arturo Soria 187 – 28043 - Madrid
  • Email: borja.rincon@gruposantander.es
  • Tel: +34 636 353 039


The Master of Business Administration, or more commonly known as the MBA, is a post graduate degree that reinforces and teaches aspiring managers and business professionals across all levels the skills required to manage and run a successful business or company. The best Football MBA helps the students to improve their critical thinking, leadership, communication and managerial skills. At the same time, it helps the students to find and connect with other like-minded people within and outside their industry, expand their professional network, create new opportunities and in some cases even forge their own path as a successful entrepreneur. An MBA degree focuses on several important areas of a business such as accounting, marketing, finance, economics, etc.

Benefit of studying an MBA

  • Develop and improve your leadership, entrepreneurial and other management skillsets.
  • Better job security and career prospects with growth opportunities in the future.
  • Increase in earning potential as MBA degree holders usually tend to have better salaries.
  • Improve your Personal Brand and Credibility as an MBA is a universally recognized and accepted degree and is highly valued around the globe.
  • It provides you with an excellent opportunity to network and connect with the best of the best inside and outside of your industry.
  • It makes you more employable and increases your chance of getting a job.
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