Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis

Application Opened | November 2023
Addresses the Direction and Management of sports entities from a multidisciplinary and transversal perspective
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Learn about sports management and scouting with our Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis

Date NOV 2023
Modality On-site
Duration 9 MONTHS
Language SPANISH
Availabe spots 30
Kickoff FRI: 16 - 21 H / Sat: 9 - 15 H
(one sat per month 9 - 14 H & 15 - 20 H
Credits 90 ETCS
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Pillars of this master

This Masters Degree in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis is the first postgraduate course that deals with the complexity of football from a multidisciplinary and transversal perspective. This higher education programme reflects the knowledge, experience and know-how of LaLiga's best professionals.

This Master’s degree consists of four modules, each one being also a university specialization course with its own entity:

  • University Specialist in Game Analysis
  • University Specialist in Management of Youth Academies and Grassroots Football Training
  • University Specialist in Sports Management
  • University Specialist in Talent and Team Management in Football

Each of the specialization modules/courses will allow students to acquire the knowledge, competences, skills and abilities necessary to achieve excellence in each specific area of action. The contents of this Master’s degree complement and enriches each other, providing an integrated and comprehensive view of the current scenario of professional football.


November and December 2023


January and February 2024


March and April 2024


May and June 2024
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of our formers is working in the Sports Industry
of our formers is working in LALIGA
of our formers is working in Clubs of LALIGA
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Student Profile

Who is the Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis for?


Graduates preferably (but not compulsorily) in areas related to Sport.


It is important that candidates bring previous professional experience within the football industry, whether in more technical or specific areas of the field (coaches, physical trainers, analysts, etc.), or in those more oriented to sports management (sports directors, youth academy directors, coordinators, etc.).


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Professional Opportunities of the Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis

After completing this Master's degree, students will achieve professional excellence in the performance of the functions inherent to the following positions within the sports structures of Football Clubs:

  • Sports managers.
  • Technical coordinators.
  • Managers of youth academies.
  • Managers/coordinators of the Youth Academies Methodology area.
  • Coaches.
  • Analysts.
  • Talent scouts.

Students who achieve this Master's degree will have a high level of competence for:

  • Managing, planning, designing and coordinating training projects in the grassroots football of clubs, schools and other sports entities.
  • Managing and coaching football teams to achieve the individual and group objectives proposed.
  • Managing, planning, designing and coordinating the sport project of any Football Club.
  • Analysing and preparing reports on games, teams and players (SCOUTING).

Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis

Guaranteed Internships

As part of our academic program, students will be guaranteed internships in different LALIGA Clubs or institutions of the sports sector.
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Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis

What educational trips does the Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis offer?

The programme bases a large part of its training on practical learning, which is why visits and trips are an important pillar. The Master's programme will make four trips to visit LALIGA clubs outside Madrid, one per module.

VALENCIA The programme bases a large part of its training on practical learning, so visits and trips are an important pillar.
SPAIN The Master's program will make four trips to visit LALIGA clubs outside Madrid, one per module.
SEVILLA During these visits, students will have the opportunity to get to know the clubs' facilities as well as to receive masterclasses and carry out case studies on the area of the club corresponding to the module they are studying at the time, being able to complete the theoretical learning.
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Academic Staff

Professionals of the Sports Industry

Mr. Albert Valentín
Mr. Albert ValentínSports Director at Al Rayyan - Qatar
Mr. Alberto Iglesias
Mr. Alberto IglesiasHead of the Analysis Department - Athletic Club
Mr. Andoni Zubizarreta
Mr. Andoni Zubizarreta
Mr. Ángel Alcalde
Mr. Ángel AlcaldeDirector of the grassroots Tajonar - CA Osasuna
Mr. Antonio Fernández
Mr. Antonio FernándezYouth International Recruitment - Sevilla FC
Mr. Borja Fernández
Mr. Borja FernándezEx-Professional Player Real Madrid, Valladolid, …
Mr. Carlos Casal López
Mr. Carlos Casal LópezSports Project Coordinator at LaLiga
Mr. Carlos Hugo Bayón
Mr. Carlos Hugo BayónDirector of the youth academy - RC Celta de Vigo
Mr. David García
Mr. David GarcíaMethodology Coordinator at LaLiga
Mr. David Llopis
Mr. David LlopisArea Director of psychology
Mr. Diego Gutiérrez
Mr. Diego GutiérrezHead of Coaching Department
Mr. Diego Martínez
Mr. Diego Martínez
Mr. Domingo Catoira
Mr. Domingo CatoiraSports Director - RCD Espanyol
Mr. Eduardo Covelo
Mr. Eduardo CoveloDirector of the youth academy - RC Celta de Vigo
Mr. Eduardo Morelló
Mr. Eduardo MorellóCoordinator of Psycology Department - Athetic Club
Mr. Eduardo Rosalino
Mr. Eduardo RosalinoHead of Analysis - Sporting Clube de Portugal
Mr. Fran Garagarza
Mr. Fran GaragarzaEx-Sports Director - SD Eibar
Mr. Francis Cagigao
Mr. Francis CagigaoSports Director at Federación Chilena de Fútbol
Mr. Francisco Joaquín Pérez
Mr. Francisco Joaquín Pérez "Rufete"Ex-Sports Director - Valencia CF & RCD Espanyol
Mr. Gabriel Calderón
Mr. Gabriel CalderónHigh Performance Expert - FIFA
D. Hugo Blanco
D. Hugo BlancoIdentity Director and Assistant of Sports Management at R.C.D. Espanyol
Mr. Imanol Ibarrondo
Mr. Imanol IbarrondoHead of Emotion and Performance - Real Sociedad
Mrs. Isabel García Carrión
Mrs. Isabel García CarriónSports Psycologist - Ex-FC Barcelona
Mr. Javier Buldú
Mr. Javier Buldú
Mr. José Antonio Prieto
Mr. José Antonio Prieto "Cata"Head of technical secretary - CA Osasuna
Mr. José Carrascosa
Mr. José CarrascosaSports Psycologist - Ex-Athletic Club, Valencia CF & Sevilla FC
Mr. José María Amorrortu
Mr. José María AmorrortuCoach, youth academy director and sports director
Mr. Juan Carlos Álvarez Campillo
Mr. Juan Carlos Álvarez CampilloElite Sports Psycologist - CSD
Mr. Juan Florit Zapata
Mr. Juan Florit ZapataHead of Sports Projects Department at LaLiga
Kiko Espinar
Kiko EspinarRegional Scouting Manager - Liverpool FC
Mr. Luis Arnau
Mr. Luis ArnauDirector of methodology - Villarreal CF
Mr. Luis Helguera
Mr. Luis HelgueraSports Director - UD Las Palmas
Mr. Miguel Ángel Gómez
Mr. Miguel Ángel GómezSports General Director - UD Ibiza, ex-Real Valladolid & Sevilla FC
Mr. Miguel Calzado
Mr. Miguel CalzadoDirector of the youth academy - R. Betis Balompié
Mr. Miguel Torrecilla
Mr. Miguel TorrecillaEx-Sports Director - Real Zaragoza CF
Mr. Mikel González
Mr. Mikel González
Mr. Óscar Garro
Mr. Óscar GarroDirector of the youth academy - R. Sporting de Gijón
Mr. Patricia González
Mr. Patricia GonzálezGroup Leader Talent Development // FIFA
Mr. Pep Marí
Mr. Pep Marí Performance Psycologist and trainer
Mr. Pep Segura
Mr. Pep SeguraEx-Sports Director - FC Barcelona
Mr. Rafa González
Mr. Rafa GonzálezHead of Recruitment and Scouting (Spain) - RB Leipzig
Mr. Rafael Sánchez
Mr. Rafael SánchezTechnical Secretary - Albacete
Mr. Ramón Rodríguez
Mr. Ramón Rodríguez "Monchi"Sports General Manager - Sevilla FC
Mr. Raúl Peláez
Mr. Raúl PeláezTechnology Consultant - FIFA
Mr. Roberto Olabe
Mr. Roberto OlabeSports Director - Real Sociedad
Mr. Santiago Coca
Mr. Santiago CocaExpert teacher in leadership and teams management - Escuela Nacional de Entrenadores
Mr. Sergio Gómez
Mr. Sergio GómezDirector of the youth academy - Levante UD
Mr. Sergio Navarro
Mr. Sergio NavarroDirector of the youth academy - Athletic Club
Mr. Tiago José Maia
Mr. Tiago José MaiaCoordinator of Analysis Department - SL Benfica
Mr. Víctor Orta
Mr. Víctor Orta
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Why study the Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis?




LALIGA’s new Headquarters in Madrid.


Our students will enjoy a unique experience by gaining first-hand knowledge from LALIGA and its Clubs/ Public Limited Sports Companies.


The staff will be made up of the best professionals from LALIGA and its associated Clubs/Public Limited Sports Companies. Our students will have access to exclusive contents of LALIGA. The Master’s programme is designed, coordinated and directed by the LALIGA professionals.


Internships at the LALIGA’s associated Clubs/Public Limited Sports Companies. Our students will have a preferential position in any recruitment process that may be arranged to meet the needs of future national and international sports projects of the LALIGA.

Careers Service

LaLiga undertakes to offer careers service for those students who: successfully complete the whole Master’s programme or any of its Specialisation Courses; meet the specific pre-established requirements to take part as technical staff in national and international sports projects; and, are selected by the respective head of area by means of a personal interview.
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¿Dónde trabajan nuestros alumnos?

Entities where our students did their internships

Plan de estudio del Máster

Here you have everything you will learn

MODULE I - University Specialist in Game Analysis in Football

  • Introduction to and contextualization of a game analysis department.
  • Fundamentals of Game Analysis.
  • New Technologies Applied to Game Analysis.
  • Mediacoach as a Game Analysis Tool.
  • Professional Analysis Models.
  • Talent-Scouting Processes.
  • Visits to Football Clubs of LALIGA, case studies and supervised tasks.
  • Theoretical basis: Introduction to Youth Academies Management and Grassroots Football Training.
  • Management, organisation and administration of a youth academy football players.
  • Specific areas within the structure of a youth academy.
  • Methodological basis for coaching in grassroots football.
  • The training process for young football players from a comprehensive point of view.
  • Visits to Football Clubs of LALIGA, case studies and supervised tasks.
  • Fundamentals of Football Teams Management. Management and mediation of complex dressing-room situations.
  • Fundamental psychological aspects to be considered in order to achieve excellence in team management: self-confidence, group cohesion, stress-anxiety and motivation-activation.
  • Skills and competences of the coach as a mediator in dressing-room situations: management, leadership, communication, conflicts resolution, mediation and teamwork.
  • Techniques and tools used by the coach to manage dressing-room situations: emotional intelligence, sports coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
  • Visits to Football Clubs of LALIGA, case studies and supervised tasks.
  • Theoretical basis of Club model: definition, principles and characteristics of a successful model based on talent and organization.
  • The Sports Manager: competencies, skills and abilities to lead, plan, design, organize and manage the sports project of a football club.
  • Main legal and financial aspects that any Sports Manager must know.
  • Communication strategy as a fundamental tool in Sports Management. Impact of Sports Marketing.
  • New technologies applied to sports management, organization and administration.
  • Visits to Football Clubs of LALIGA, case studies and supervised tasks.
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Proceso de Admisión y Financiación

All information in detail

Admission Process

  • Holders of any of the Qualified Football Coach Licenses (Levels I, II or III) granted by the Spanish Football Federation and/or of a three or four years degree in Football Sports Technicians.
  • Professionals within Football sector that are part of any of LaLiga's Clubs.
  • Professionals within Football sector with over 5 years experience.
  • Football players, or former footballers, from any of LaLiga's clubs.
  • Elite or professional sportsmen and women.

LaLiga Business School tiene un acuerdo con Santander Universidades (Grupo Banco Santander, Title Sponsor de LaLiga) por el cual nuestros alumnos pueden optar a facilidades de pago, préstamos, financiación, etc.

Para más información:

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Did you know?

  • Flywire is the global market leader for education payments, the Trusted Choice of millions of students, thousands of institutions and hundreds or recruitment agents and partners worldwide. Flywire offers convenient payment options from over 240 countries and territories, in more than 130 currencies.
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