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Master in Sports Marketing: Visit to Aspire Academy

May 09, 2023, Madrid

As part of the academic trip to Qatar for the Master in Sports Marketing, the students visited Aspire Academy, where they received a lecture by Valter Di Salvo: Director of Football Science and Performance.

The students of the Master in Sports Marketing had the opportunity to visit Aspire Academy as part of the academic trip to Qatar, where they were able to visit the facilities and receive an important presentation on "High Performance Development Strategy" by Valter Di Salvo, who was in charge of sharing with the students his experience as a physical trainer in clubs, having held this position at Lazio, Manchester United and Real Madrid where he later served as Performance Manager.

The focus of the presentation was leadership and work methodology. From the leadership approach, Valter shared with the students, experiences and advice on the ability and virtue of being able to integrate an entire work team, listen to it and consult it to reach the goal. In addition, Valter shared with the students the work methodology that exists behind Aspire Academy, its facilities, the use of technology to improve the performance of athletes, stress management and the work that is being done with the young talents of face to the future.

This was an especially important presentation for the students of the Master in Sports Marketing, since it helped them to understand the operation of a high-performance sports center like Aspire Academy, as well as to broaden their vision and knowledge by listening and receiving from the hands of industry experts.