LaLiga IMPULSO session

April 05, 2023, Madrid

LaLiga Impulso is the strategic agreement reached between LaLiga and the CVC investment fund to boost the global growth of LaLiga clubs.

Last Saturday, March 11, a series of unified sessions for all the LaLiga Business School Masters were held at the LaLiga building, whose theme was LaLiga Impulse: The objective was to explain and publicize the reasons that led LaLiga to close a strategic alliance with CVC, as well as the guidelines that guide the project for the future so that, in the words of Javier Tebas: That the clubs grow in 4 years what they would have grown in 20.

The session was divided into 4 parts and was attended by Jaime Blanco (Deputy to the Presidency and Head of LaLiga Impulso) as the main speaker for the first part of the session and the event in general. In the first session, Jaime Blanco explained the background to the strategic alliance, as well as the objectives that LaLiga and CVC have set in the short and medium term and the importance of LaLiga Impulso as a collective project. Pablo Armiñana (Market Research and Strategy Analyst in the President's Office) accompanied Jaime Blanco during the first session, and was in charge of explaining the way in which LaLiga Impulso works with the clubs, as well as the criteria used when of the distribution of funds, the financial and business control established by LaLiga/CVC towards the clubs, and the objectives established for the clubs, as well as the monitoring of their achievement.

During the session, listeners were told that LaLiga Impulso is a project that goes further, a project that places the clubs at the center and works together with them to achieve growth and stability.

The second session of the event consisted of a round table with the participation of Jaime Blanco, Juan Arbide (Senior Managing Director at CVC Capital Partners), José María del Nido (Vice President of Sevilla FC) and Estela Santos Mazo (Editor in Chief of the Economy in the newspaper Expansión) who served as moderator. In it, they touched on topics such as the role that the CVC plays as an equity partner of LaLiga and José María del Nido shared fragments of the investment plans that Sevilla FC has for the future, such as: The expansion of the Ramón Sanchez Pizjuan.

In the third session of the afternoon, the protagonist was Andoni Iraola (Presidency Directorate of Real Sociedad de Fútbol S.A.D.) where he shared the changes and transformation that the management models of the clubs are undergoing, as well as highlighted the values ​​and the identity of these and of LaLiga itself.

To end the event, a session focused on the Talent Office was held, where Pedro Pemartin (Academic Manager of LaLiga) and Raquel Sancho Sánchez-Moreno (Specialist in HR projects and Head of the Talent Office of LaLiga) They explained what the project consists of, the reasons for its birth and the impact that it is already having for the clubs.

Thus concluded the informative session of LaLiga Impulso where attendees were able to familiarize themselves with the project that aims to revolutionize professional football in Spain.