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Course "The Making Of the Sports Event"

April 11, 2023, Madrid

The students of the course attend a LaLiga SmartBank match to learn about the different processes and protocols during the organization of a professional soccer match, as well as the Madrid Half Marathon.

The objective of the course "The Making Of the Sports Event" is to provide all the theoretical and practical knowledge so that the student can carry out the correct organization and planning of any type of sporting event.

On April 1, the students of the course had the opportunity to attend the LaLiga SmartBank match between CD Leganés and FC Cartagena at the Butarque Municipal Stadium. During their visit, the attendees were able to learn about the practical application of the different processes and protocols established in the organization of a professional competition match, thus complementing the knowledge previously acquired in the theoretical sessions of the course.

Prior to the visit, Juan García, who served as Match Director, shared a series of documents with the attending students so that they became familiar with the different elements that make up the organization of a soccer match, such as the camera plan, the production needs sheet, the Club production needs sheet and the report on the state of the grass.

This activity was of great importance for the attendees since they had the opportunity to live and observe first-hand everything seen during the practical sessions of the course regarding the organization of a football match.

Another of the practical sessions of the course consisted of attending the organization of the Madrid Half Marathon 2023 where the students, accompanied by those responsible for Sport Life Iberica; They had the opportunity to learn about the logistics behind the management and direction of the flow of people: both runners and the public, the location of the event supports, the correct monitoring of the event agenda and the production of its promotional content.

LaLiga Business School thanks all the participants and collaborators of this event for their support in training talent for the future of the sports industry.

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