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Visit Valencia CF and Levante UD

January 10, 2024, Madrid

Students of the Masters in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis, as well as in Performance Optimization and Health, visit the most emblematic clubs in the region.

The students of the Master's Degree in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis, as well as in Performance Optimization and Health, lived an unforgettable experience during their recent educational trip to Valencia. The visit focused on immersion in two of the most prominent clubs in the region: Valencia CF and Levante UD.

At Valencia CF, the students had the privilege of participating in enriching talks led by renowned experts in the soccer industry. Figures such as Borja Eroles, VCF Academy Operations Coordinator, Luis Martínez, Director of Cantera, José Jimenez and Ramón Mompó, from the Training Department, Ángel García, Academy High Performance Coordinator and Urko Cherta, Head of Methodology & People Development, shared valuable insights into the complexities of game analysis and performance optimization.

In addition, the day included the fortune of witnessing a training session of Valencia CF's Juvenil A team. Álvaro Ramos, Analysis Coordinator, provided a detailed overview of the technical and tactical aspects, giving the students a practical and direct understanding of the methodology applied in the club's academy.

During the visit to Levante UD, leading figures from the club, such as Joaquín Navarro, Director of Cantera, Estansis Asensi, Head of the Bioconditional Area, and Alejandro Losa, Data Analyst, shared valuable insights on physical preparation, performance optimization and the importance of health in professional soccer. These conversations offered students a comprehensive view of the key aspects that influence sporting success, enriching their understanding and providing them with fundamental knowledge for their professional development in the world of soccer. The Levante UD experience significantly complemented the educational immersion, providing a balanced and comprehensive perspective on the different facets that make up the soccer elite.

This trip not only strengthened the theory taught in the classroom, but also provided a direct connection to the dynamics and strategies implemented in the Spanish soccer elite.


LALIGA Business School sincerely appreciates the collaboration of the clubs and key contributions to the training of our future professionals.