Visits / Trips

Visit Sevilla FC: Master in Football Management

June 22, 2023, Madrid

The students of the Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis traveled to Seville with the aim of visiting Sevilla FC and learning about their vision on various topics.

As part of the Master's program in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis, the students had the opportunity to travel to Seville to learn how different areas are managed within the club.

During the visit to the club's facilities, the students received presentations focused on different areas. The first one, directed by David Martín Valle, focused on Youth Recruitment, from which the students were able to acquire knowledge on various strategies of great relevance for their professional development. The second talk addressed the topic of Sports Management and was carried out by Fermín Galeote Martín (Member of the Club's Sports Management), who shared his professional experience with the team with the attendees. Finally, Jesús Olivera (Responsible for Data Football at the club), was in charge of giving a talk to the students on the use of Data Oriented to Scouting.

Without a doubt, this was an experience of great formative value for the students, since they were able to learn first-hand how a Professional Football Club works with its youth team and Sports Management.

LaLiga Business School thanks Sevilla FC for its commitment and collaboration with the institution, as well as with the training of its students. We hope to continue collaborating and promoting talent and training the next leaders of the Sports Industry.