Master in Global Sports Marketing

New York: Mecca of Sports Marketing

July 15, 2022, Madrid

If you can do it in New York, you can do it anywhere. Our Master in Global Sports Marketing students traveled to New York, the cradle of Sports Marketing.

Imagine being a Sports Marketing student and having the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the world's most iconic and important companies in the sports and entertainment industry. We are talking about companies such as ESPN, NBA or Verizon among others. And staying in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of New York such as Times Square, just a couple of blocks away from LaLiga's offices in the United States.

For years New York, the city that never rests, has become the mecca not only of marketing in general but also of sports marketing, always reinventing itself and at the forefront of any market trend. Therefore, our students of the Master in Global Sports Marketing, could not miss this unique event, because as Frank Sinatra said, if you can do it in New York, you can do it anywhere.

Thanks to the Joint Venture between LaLiga and Relevent Sports, (present in USA, Canada and Mexico) made it possible for our students to visit the engine of the biggest sports and entertainment industries in the world, such as the NBA, MLS or ESPN.

Relevent Sports, one of the largest international agencies in the world, known in the United States as "Sportainment" or sports marketing. Official marketer of the UEFA Champions League for the next 4 years.

Thank you Relevent Sports and United States for the opportunity and for being part of LaLiga Business School, see you soon!