Launching of the 4th course "The Making Of the sporting event".

December 13, 2023, Madrid

Attendees will be able to learn first-hand how a sporting event is designed.

LALIGA, through LALIGA BUSINESS SCHOOL, continues its alliance with Sport Life Ibérica to offer, for the fourth consecutive season, the course "The Making of the Sporting Event", a theoretical and practical course on sporting event management. LALIGA and Sport Life Ibérica offer their practical experience in the organization of sporting events, such as a LALIGA match or the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon.

Professionals from Sport Life Ibérica and LALIGA will share their knowledge, methodologies, tools and experiences so that attendees can learn how a sporting event is designed from the inside, as well as develop their skills in the planning, management and development of a project of similar characteristics.
In its fourth edition, the 25 course attendees will be able to enjoy first-hand two sporting events: a LALIGA match, where they will accompany the match director and witness the functions before, during and after the game; and the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon, where they will participate in the entire process of organization and implementation of this event that uses the city as a sports venue.  

The course, which is classroom-based, will last 32 hours and will end with attendance at a LALIGA match and the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon. In terms of theoretical content, attendees will be able to acquire knowledge about the strategic planning of a match or knowledge of the regulations for television broadcasting; and the organization, coordination, assembly or communication of the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon.