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Interview with Santiago Piedras (MBA of LALIGA)

August 14, 2023, Madrid

"...we had instructors who conveyed and taught us many valuable lessons about the day-to-day operations in the Sports Industry, becoming a set of wonderful experiences for me from start to finish."

As a foreigner, how has your experience been at LLBS?

R.    My experience has been fantastic. Right from the start, LALIGA Business School provided me with significant support regarding my visa management and the associated procedures. They also guided me on where and how to find accommodation. Throughout the course, a strong bond formed with all my classmates, and we had instructors who imparted valuable insights into the day-to-day workings of the Sports Industry. These experiences have been wonderful for me from beginning to end.

How did you find out about LALIGA's MBA program?

R.    While I was studying in Mexico, LALIGA held a seminar on Global Sports Marketing at my university, led by José Moya and Edouard Legendre. I became highly interested in the industry and LLBS after attending the seminar. They told me about LALIGA's MBA program conducted in Spanish, and I decided to enroll after completing my university studies.

What was your process for joining VANQUISH?

R.    I've always considered myself proactive, and from the start of the course, I began searching for internship opportunities. When I saw the vacancy, I decided to apply despite lacking prior industry experience. Fortunately, my profile aligned well with the position they were seeking, and after successfully passing the selection process, I was chosen.

What responsibilities do you have and how have you applied what you learned at LLBS?

R.    My role revolves around data analysis and strategy formulation. In my daily routine, I gather information for clients ranging from paddle brands to sports events. My main goal is to provide solutions to the marketing, sales, and communication teams. This equips them with a solid foundation of data and information that can be used to create proposals or streamline processes, such as organizing sports events.

The knowledge gained from the MBA has been extremely valuable for my work. I'd like to highlight Module 2, which focuses on marketing. Many of the concepts I learned there, I've directly applied in my day-to-day work, resulting in significant benefits.

How would you describe LLBS? What stands out for you?

R.     Describing LLBS is tough, as I have a plethora of experiences to cherish. We witnessed the rebranding process of LALIGA, which was fascinating as we compared the before and after. The speakers who participated were at an exceptional level, and their contributions were invaluable. Moreover, the trips we undertook were transformative experiences that left a significant mark on my life—experiences I never imagined I'd have. Finally, the friendships and relationships I forged with my classmates are invaluable; I'm confident they'll last a lifetime.