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Interview with Nicolás Carril (Ex MBA of LALIGA)

January 18, 2024, Madrid

Our former student, Nicolas Carril, shares his experience after completing the MBA of LALIGA at LALIGA Business School.

Nicolas Carril, a recent graduate of the MBA of LALIGA at LALIGA Business School, returns to Chile after a year of learning in Madrid. In an exclusive interview, Carril details his experience and shares his plans to apply what he has learned in his new business project.

Experience in the MBA of LALIGA at LALIGA Business School

When asked about his MBA experience, Carril stated: "My MBA experience was fantastic. LALIGA Business School proves to be transversal to different sports, which enriches the knowledge about the sports industry, which is gigantic."

About his classmates, Carril highlighted, "I think the best thing was the experience with my classmates. I was lucky to share with classmates from different cultures and ages, which enriched the discussion in class day by day."

Experience Highlights and Meaningful Trips

Regarding highlights, Carril shared, "Staying with one experience is very difficult. I'll keep the first trip to Qatar, to see the whole post World Cup effect, getting to know the Aspire academy. Also traveling around Spain, being in the high performance center in Barcelona... and what to say about the last trip, in NY and Miami, where we were able to meet the NBA, the MLS, have lectures with the best in the industry."

Current Professional and Knowledge Application

Regarding his current professional career, Carril revealed, "I am currently undertaking a project with two partners called Nexo Sport Group. The MBA has supported me with all the knowledge to develop this project and has connected me with key people who are supporting the project and will continue to participate in the future."

About his venture, Carril shared with us the details about it: "Nexo Sport Group, consists of boosting, promoting, financing and supporting sport and technology in the LATAM region. We believe that this impulse is very necessary and we want to do it through this project. Our idea is to have 3 business verticals, on the one hand, we are structuring an investment fund to support and finance technology and sports start ups. On the other hand, we are representing and distributing brands associated with technology and sports, and finally we have a third business vertical which is to be able to develop our own project."

Opinion about LALIGA Business School

Carril expressed his opinion of LALIGA Business School after completing the MBA: "I have the best opinion of LALIGA Business School and this experience. I believe that there is no other institution that manages to connect with professors and speakers who are so influential in the industry and who can provide us with so much knowledge. Of course, like any Master's degree, it also depends a lot on how much you are able to take advantage of the professors and classmates, which in the end is the most important thing and what I am thankful for what I take back to my country."

From LALIGA Business School, we are excited to continue training the leaders of the future in the sports industry. We thank Nicolas Carril for sharing with us his inspiring entrepreneurial journey with Nexo Sport Group, demonstrating the direct impact of our training on business success.