Students Testimonials

Interview with Jaime Fernández (Football Master's Student)

September 14, 2023, Madrid

"LLBS played a very important role in this entire process. Firstly, it serves as the connecting platform where clubs turn to find suitable profiles to fill their positions."

How was your experience at LALIGA Business School? What would you highlight about the Master's program?

Well, I found the experience to be very good, and I would highlight the caliber of the speakers. The school brings in the best professionals from Spain and also from abroad, which is another significant advantage. This helps us establish valuable industry contacts, not only in Spain but around the world as well. Additionally, the group of classmates that forms is excellent because it brings together people with shared aspirations, creating a strong human network that can potentially help each other in the future.


What was your process for joining CF Intercity like? What role did LLBS play in this process?

Alright, so CF Intercity was looking for a first-team analyst for an internship, and they got in touch with LALIGA. LALIGA then forwarded the job offer to us, and thanks to that, I was able to contact the club and have an interview with the first-team analyst.

Indeed, LLBS played a crucial role throughout this process. Firstly, it served as the connection platform where clubs look for suitable profiles to fill their positions. Additionally, they provided assistance with all the internship-related procedures, maintaining constant communication throughout the process.


How have you applied what you learned during the Master's program to your current job?

Everything I learned in the Master's program has provided me with many tools to work in the sports aspect of the football industry. Right now, I'm applying what we covered in Module 1 of the Master's, which focuses on Game Analysis. Since I'm tasked with creating reports on the opponent, I'm using the techniques I learned to do it as effectively as possible. For instance, personalizing the report to match what the coach wants or knowing that the video report for the players should be shorter. All these details I learned make a difference and have sped up my adaptation.


Do you consider professional training and education through specialized programs like the Master's you completed to be important?

Absolutely. The experience I've had is very comprehensive in many aspects. The great thing is that the speakers don't just talk about general theory; they provide real insights into how they work in their day-to-day roles at their clubs, which is what adds value. So, by the end of the Master's program, you understand the different ways clubs operate. This makes it easier to adapt when you enter a club, and this adaptability is a differentiating factor.


What advice would you give to professionals who want to break into the industry but are undecided about pursuing a postgraduate program?

I consider this Master's program to be a gateway to opportunities in professional football. It's associated with LALIGA and serves as a significant platform where clubs, like CF Intercity in my case, directly seek students from the program. This is essential because entering the sports side of the football industry can be challenging. I would recommend doing this Master's program 100% to increase your chances of entering this great industry as a professional.