Master in Football Management, Methodology and Analysis

At your service captain. Gabi Fernández and the importance of the youth aca

July 18, 2022, Madrid

Leadership, methodology and the importance of youth academies for soccer, illustrated by a former captain of Atlético de Madrid.

Gabi Fernández, former player of Atlético de Madrid and Real Zaragoza among others, made a very special visit to our students of the Master in Management, methodology and analysis in soccer.

In the session Gabi reviewed the importance of methodology in the youth academies today and leadership, not only on the pitch, but in life. He gave us his opinion about his return 20 years later to a first level soccer quarry and the importance of training in the sports areas of the clubs.

Here is a summary of the interview with the legendary captain of Atlético de Madrid.

What were the most important topics of the session?

Methodology in the world of soccer, we believe that methodology is important nowadays, as there is more and more information and working methods. The subject of leadership, how to become a leader, how to prepare the boys to be leaders and to be able to withstand pressure.

And lastly, the group issue, group cohesion, that they are able to respond in the best way before adversities, are very important issues that we have seen today.

After 20 years, you are back in the youth team of a professional soccer club, how do you see the evolution of the level of professionalization of the clubs?

Gabi: "Spanish soccer has evolved, the clubs have realized that their youth academies are the immediate future to help that economy to evolve to help have a fixed identity, so I see that every day we are getting better and I hope that Spanish soccer continues to evolve in the same way".

Importance of training in the development of professionals in the sports areas of clubs.

Gabi: "It is vital that all the components of those "STAFF" or those companies that treat the kids, that educate them, that try to get the maximum performance out of them, have the best possible capacity. They must be prepared in the best possible way and know their clubs and their cultures very well, which is why this type of course is important, especially for people who want to help the kids to become professionals".

Thank you very much Gabi, for being part of LaLiga Business School, for sure our students will never forget your class, see you soon captain!