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Academic Trip to Qatar, Master in Sports Marketing

May 30, 2023, Madrid

The students of the Master in Sports Marketing traveled to Qatar to learn about the legacy left by the World Cup, as well as the plans for the development and potentialization of sports that exist in the country.

The objective of the LaLiga Master in Sports Marketing is to overcome the most commercial dimension of Marketing and promote Sport and Football in its most relevant dimension, as the axis of Social Progress, Territorial Development, Urban Growth and Personal Fulfillment.

Recently, the students had the opportunity to travel to the city of Doha, in Qatar, where they had the opportunity to learn about the legacy left by the World Cup in the country, as well as the different initiatives and projects that were developed and strengthened. of the sport that are being carried out in the Asian country.

During the first day of the trip, the students visited the Sport Accelerator facilities where Abdulaziz Alhababi, Aspire Zone Business Development Analyst, gave them an overview of the projects that exist to turn Qatar into a Hub for sports companies. the Sports Industry at the same time that the sport is potentiated.

On the second day in the city, the students visited the facilities of the Qatars Stars League, where the Executive Director of Competitions and Soccer Development, Ahmed Abbassi, gave a motivational talk to the students, while showing the projects that exist with a view to the future of Qatari sport and the vision that is held in the country. After the visit to the QSL, the students toured the Legacy Pavillion Tour where the history of Qatari football is exposed from its beginnings to the celebration of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. During the last visit of the day the students visited the PADEL facilities IN where they were shown the development of the business, its management, and plans for the future, later the students visited the Souq Waqif market at night.

The third day of the trip began with a visit to the Qatar Foundation where a presentation was held that had the objective of exposing the projects and main actions of the foundation and then visiting the Education City Mosque. After visiting the Qatar Foundation and the Mosque, the students went to see the facilities of two World Cup stadiums: the Al Thumama Stadium and the Al Bayt Stadium. During both visits, the students had the opportunity to tour the stands, the dressing rooms, the boxes and go down to the field to have a complete view of the stadiums. Finally, to close the day. There was a tour of the desert dunes and a dinner on the beach.

The trip concluded with a visit to the Aspire Academy where they were able to tour the facilities and receive an important presentation on high performance development strategy by Valter Di Salvo: Director of Soccer Performance and Science. Finally, the students took a tour of the facilities of the Aspetar medical center to later go to the airport and fly back to Madrid.

LaLiga Business School would like to thank all the speakers, institutions, and organizations for helping us provide the best service to our students and thus be able to continue training the professionals of tomorrow.