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Master in Global Sports Marketing

November 2022 – July 2023

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Get to know the marketing strategies and connection with the Fan of all the players in the global Sports Industry: Properties, Clubs, Agencies, Broadcasters, Sponsors and Media, among others.

LaLiga Business School is the Educational Department of LaLiga, a 100% "in house" project born in 2018 with the aim of detecting and training talent, to support and drive the exponential growth of the Sports Industry. The programs and their contents are developed by professionals from LaLiga, from teams that make up LaLiga, and from the rest of the companies in the sector, people who live the day to day of the Sports Industry and who are going to share this knowledge to face the upcoming challenges that will arise during this decade.

The objective of the Master in Global Sports Marketing (or International Sports Marketing) is to identify, inspire, challenge and train the future protagonists of Sports Management, those who will lead the growth of the Sector on a Global Scale and the Direction and Management of Sports Companies, starting by knowing today's trends.

Modalidad On-site
Fecha November 2022
Campus LaLiga Headquarters,
Horario Monday to Thursday:
From 17:30 to 21:30
Idioma English
Duración 9 months

Why should you study the Master in Global Sports Marketing?

Exclusive seats
Exclusive seats
Real Case Studies
Real Case Studies (LaLiga and its 42 teams
International trips included
International trips included USA: NEW YORK QATAR SPAIN: NORTH - LEVANTE
Networking with LaLiga
Networking with LaLiga professionals with real job opportunities in a growing industry
Direct employability
Direct employability in LaLiga, LaLiga Clubs and Sports Industry companies: 50 alumni working in LaLiga 92 alumni working in LaLiga Clubs 95% of alumni working in the Sports Industry

Where doour students work?

Santos Manchester United
Alavés Real Sociedad Sevilla Atlético de Madrid Real Betis RCD Mallorca Granada CF Cádiz Cartagena Celta de Vigo Córdoba Deportivo de La Coruña Elche RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Getafe Ibiza Leganés Levante Málaga Valencia CF Rayo Vallecano Villarreal Real Zaragoza Osasuna

LaLiga Impulso

Fondo LaLiga Impulso



LaLiga Impulso is the strategic agreement reached between LaLiga and the investment fund CVC to boost the overall growth of LaLiga clubs.

In order to undertake the projects related to LaLiga Impulso, the clubs are called upon to reorganize their structure, expand their departments and create new ones, rethink their strategies, processes and work methodology, focusing on innovation and, consequently, on attracting and retaining talent.

LaLiga, as the driving force behind the project, supports the development of LaLiga Impulso also with training, through its Educational Department, LaLiga Business School.

  • Providing new talent to the Clubs through the Master's degrees we offer, which are aimed at students and professionals from other sectors.
  • Training of club employees
  • Advise Clubs on:
    1 Definition of the new organization chart according to these development plans
    2 Identifying the profiles of new professionals required
    3 Support in the recruitment and training process